Surrender to the PIRATE

July 29, 2008

The wait is over! Today is the day. PLEASURING THE PIRATE is officially launched!

If you like a little swashbuckling, a little humor, a little sizzle with your romance, I invite you to give my PIRATE a try. Here’s what the reviewers are saying:

“Bryan’s touches of humor, naughty, bawdy dialogue and colorful description capture the era, adding dimension to this charming tale of a landlocked pirate, the hellion who tames him and their wild adventure. The heat rises as their escapades sizzle, and readers’ hearts will race to the delightful conclusion.” ~ RT BookReviews

“Pleasuring the Pirate is a fabulous, fun romp full of adventure, mischief, mayhem, romance and yes PIRATES! I simply couldn’t put it down!” ~ Reviewer TOP PICK, NightOwl Romance

“Great dialog, interesting side characters (the nieces who are out of control and the crusty pirate sidekick) and an author who clearly loves her subject matter and I’m there.  For me, you could call this book, Pleasuring the Reader.” ~ Barbara Vey, Beyond her Book, PUBLISHERS WEEKLY BLOG

“This great Georgian romance is filled with bawdy humor, mindful of Fielding’s classic Tom Jones. The banter between the pirate and the courtesan’s daughter is amusing and heated.  The story line is fast-paced and never slows down.” ~ Harriet Klausner

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I was floored when Paul Norman of Books Monthly said DISTRACTING THE DUCHESS was “one of those rare books that could turn into a modern classic.” Now another reviewer has used the “C” word about my PLEASURING THE PIRATE!

“This great Georgian romance is filled with bawdy humor mindful of Fielding’s classic Tom Jones. The banter between the pirate and the courtesan’s daughter is amusing and heated. The story line is fast-paced and never slows down. Emily Bryan provides a powerful historical as the adventures of the pirate and the courtesan’s daughter will pleasure the fans.” ~ Harriet Klausner

Now I have to hope Mark Twain was wrong! He always claimed, “A classic is something everybody wants to have read, but nobody wants to read!” 🙂

Please visit my website at to read an excerpt! Enjoy

Now that I’m rounding the bend on VEXING THE VISCOUNT, (my March 2009 Leisure Book release) it’s time to start thinking about what’s next. Since all my book titles (DISTRACTING THE DUCHESS & PLEASURING THE PIRATE follow the same formula, XXXING THE XXX, it’s kind of fun to brainstorm.

So here’s your chance to name my 4th book. Please post your suggestions. If I use yours, you’ll get your pick from my backlist. Even if I don’t use any of the entries, I’ll send a signed copy of one of my books to the most outrageous entry.

One rule though: Keep it clean! Remember, this has to be something that will make it into Walmart.

So have fun and post as many ideas as you like, but please read the other posts and try not to repeat. If I receive duplicates and I decide to use it, I’ll choose the one who posted first.

Have fun!

New Improved Website

March 27, 2008

Part of being a published author is making a way for readers to interact with me. To do this, I’ve revamped my website and added a Contact Em page as well as upgrading my Contest process. Please hop over to to see the changes. I’d love to hear from you. And please enter my DOUBLE DELIGHT CONTEST  for a chance to win my latest release, DISTRACTING THE DUCHESS and winner’s choice from the backlist of USA Today Best Seller Jennifer Ashley. (Read the interview of this multi-talented author on my blog.) Be sure to check out Em Recommends to see all the Leisure Book authors who are going to the Romantic Times Convention in Pittsburgh next month.

I’m still keeping my site, but it hasn’t received as many upgrades. It’s hard to know what to do, but since I don’t have any more books scheduled to come out under that name, I may let the site go eventually.  I loved my Viking stories, but so far the sexy, light-hearted stories I’ve written seem to be better received by readers. DISTRACTING THE DUCHESS hit #15 in historical romance one day on Amazon. I’m absolutely thrilled! Readers from all over the country have been emailing me to let me know how they loved the Duchess. One admitted I had her “giggling and blushing through the whole book!” 

Happy Reading!