Author Spotlight: Harriet Ford~SHADOW IN THE RAIN

March 5, 2008

From time to time, I interview other authors for my website and my blog. Today, I’m featuring Harriet Ford, a friend of mine from Ozark Romance Authors, the writing group I was involved with when I lived in Missouri. Harriet has written a non-fiction account of wrongful imprisonment called SHADOW IN THE RAIN. I caught up with Harriet this week for a visit.


Diana/Emily: Thanks for being with us, Harriet. Can you share a little about the type or stories you write and what drew you to this genre?

Harriet: I write fact-based fiction, and faith-based supernatural suspense fiction. I am drawn to Diana/Emily’s books because of her thorough research and believable worlds, her careful development of character and her element of suspense. She is truly a mistress of her craft.


Diana/Emily: Thanks. (I’ll pay you later) How did you begin writing and could you describe your writing process?

Harriet: I started writing as a reporter and have had numerous articles, memoirs, short stories and essays published. My first book is a suspense-romance based on an actual murder in Rockford, Illinois where I reported for a weekly, mom-and-pop newspaper. I wrote several articles on the case and slowly became convinced the court convicted the WRONG MAN. A private eye and a nationally known forensics and crime-scene investigator both worked the case, also stating there was no way Mr. Kuhl could be guilty, but they were unable to prove it.

Diana/Emily: Sounds intriguing. Where can readers find your books?

Harriet: My books are available in bookstores and at my website,


Diana/Emily: After such a serious subject, what are you working on now?

Harriet: I am working on the second book in the Beyond Fantasy series, faith-based supernatural thrillers.  The first book in the series, FRANKLY MADAME, is to be released some time this year.


Diana/Emily: Wow! That’s a switch. Do you have a website so readers can learn more?


Diana/Emily: We all have writers who inspire us. Who’s your favorite author and why?

Harriet: I have so many. I like entertaining, riveting and rollicking. There are authors who do all three and more. I could never choose only one.


Diana/Emily: I write strictly fiction. In fact, I’ve been toying with idea of having a T shirt printed that says, “I MAKE STUFF UP!” But you write both fiction and non-fiction. How does writing fiction compare to non-fiction?

Harriet: Non-fiction has to be carefully researched and crafted to entertain, inform or titillate the reader’s curiosity. So does fiction, only here the author has room to create her own worlds.


Diana/Emily: Have you created a favorite character? If so, please tell us about them.

Harriet: I have created FRANKLY MADAME’S Rhetta Scarlett Butler, a kooky reporter for the Beyond Fantasy magazine, dedicated to exposing charlatans who claim they have supernatural sources of power and are bilking people of money. Ghosts are her business, but she runs into more frightening things than ghosts, including the handsome Dax Larue, who does not share her worldview. When she encounters the supernatural, she turns to the Bible for explanations. What she uncovers is a stunning look at the spiritual dangers of experimenting with the occult.

 Diana/Emily: What’s the greatest challenge you face in your writing and how are you overcoming it? Harriet: The greatest challenge is choosing the right publisher. I have learned that whatever house you choose, you have to do your own marketing, unless you have best seller recognition. Whenever I meet and greet the readers, I have no trouble selling my books. So I take every opportunity to be at signing and festivals.

Diana/Emily: What’s been the greatest help in improving your writing?

Harriet: Reading good writers and carefully observing how they craft their stories.

Thanks, Harriet. I appreciate your insight and your SHADOW IN THE RAIN looks fascinating. And in the time of Harry Potter, your bravery in taking on dabbling in the occult is amazing. Best of luck with all your projects!



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